'You 2.0' Journaling Guide

Put your "delusional optimist" hat on--it's time to design your 2.0 self and your dream life.

Vision Book Guide

My signature step-by-step method for creating the most epic vision book you've ever made. 

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The Intuition Guide

Never second-guess your gut again: learn how to tune into your inner wisdom based on your human design map with this Intuition Guide.

Manifestation 101 Guide

Calling all manifestation beginners: this guide is the next best thing to a "Manifestation For Dummies"  manual.

The Alignment Accelerator Online Course

Ready for the full step-by-step roadmap with everything you need to get into alignment and manifest your dream life? Look no further.


The Daily Delusion Journal

Introducing the newest addition to your manifestation toolkit. With over 200 "be delusional" prompts, immerse yourself in the imaginary bliss of your wishes becoming real--so you can attract them into your reality. 

The Daily Healing Journal

Unlock the power of purposeful living with the Daily Intentions Journal. Crafted to guide you through setting your daily intentions, it's your roadmap to manifesting a happy and fulfilled life, one day at a time.

The Daily Intentions Journal

Specifically designed to facilitate profound shadow work, this daily shadow work journal encourages you to reflect on your past,  uncover hidden truths, and finally heal.

Mirror Work Guide

Become magnetic AF with exercises to connect with your reflection and step into the energy of confidence.

the it girl series

Tips to Become Your Most Confident, Bada**, Magnetic Self.

I made a 7-part video playlist on Tiktok that's jam-packed with pep talks and action steps to help you show up with charisma and confidence.

Ready to enter your "It Girl" era?

Ten Tricks for Better Insta Photos

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